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    Bespoke & Antique billiards – continuing a tradition of excellence

    Sir William Bentley Billiards is an expert in the restoration and reproduction of Antique Billiards tables and accessories, and a designer and maker of some of the world’s most desirable, and completely bespoke billiard, snooker and pool tables.

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    With more than 40 years’ experience, this family-run business began with the restoration, renovation, and reproduction of Antique billiard tables; as well as the dual-purpose dining tables so popular since the Victorian era.

    Refining and developing the designs, detail and mechanisms to meet the increasingly diverse requirements of Interior designers and private clients alike, the company has become globally renowned for the beauty and attention to detail of its bespoke Pool & Snooker tables, dual-purpose dining or conference tables, lighting and accessories.

    The many examples featured on the company’s website range from beautifully restored, 19th Century billiard tables, through many classic and modern Snooker, Pool and dining tables, to designs that are stunningly contemporary.

    The craftsmen at its workshops in Marten, England, are intent only on producing individual pieces of the highest possible quality, and the company strives for each client’s complete satisfaction. It works closely with them, providing expertise and guidance, to specify every aspect of the design, materials, and detail. The result is the creation of truly personalised tables, cue-racks, ball-boxes, scoreboards, lighting etc. All of which are uniquely suited to the room it has been made for.

    Adjacent to the workshops are the company’s showrooms, house many fine Antique Billiard tables alongside vintage, contemporary, and classic examples of its work.  A visit to Marten is a great opportunity to see the craftsmen at work, to enjoy the processes of design, carving, marquetry, veneering, inlaying, polishing, metal and wood working, and to appreciate for yourself the skills involved in the creation of each piece.

    Complementing the tables on show are many diverse accessories. Antique and modern, these include marker boards & cabinets, cue-racks, ball boxes, billiard-room memorabilia, dining chairs, upholstered billiard benches, and exquisite examples of specialist billiard lighting.

    Whether your search is for a Bespoke or Antique, second-hand or replica table, for billiards, snooker or pool; or for a stunning contemporary Rollover, or elegant Wind-up dual-purpose dining table –  you are sure to find the inspiration to specify your own unique table, and maybe even exactly what you’re looking for.

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