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    Room to Breathe is the most recent addition to a forward thinking, dynamic and innovative collection of companies known as the Insite Group. 

    Harnessing the extensive experience and knowledge of our sister companies who have constructed and worked within clinical environments, we are well versed on the requirements and protocols required for creating and maintaining clean, sterile conditions.

    At Room to Breathe we have taken the lead to combine several innovative technologies that are chemical free, used in such environments to create unique Hypoallergenic environments.

    Defining the problem

    As a nation we spend more than 90 per cent of our lives indoors.

    Airborne viruses, VOC’s and particulate matter are amongst the most harmful contributors to poor indoor air quality.

    This impacts on our sleep, cognitive thinking, emotional wellbeing creating horrendous environments for allergy sufferers.

    Creating the perfect wellness environment

    We combine more than 20 years’ experience with multiple market leading technologies giving people the opportunity for cleaner, safer environments.

    At Room to Breathe we transform indoor environments into hypoallergenic spaces which continuously maintain clean air and surfaces removing up to 99.99 per cent of allergens, mould, germs, influenza, VOC’s and odours. 

    The wellness movement is not a trend, it is a necessity.

     Wellness results in more energy, improved cognitive performance, vitality and comfort.

     We believe that wellness can help a variety of markets create healthier spaces for happier and more comfortable experiences. From healthcare, hospitals, dentists, care homes, student accommodation, hotel rooms to office spaces and beyond, our innovative technology will help everyone be at their very best. Wellness transforms environments that promotes overall wellness for everyone.

    At Room to Breathe we are pushing the boundaries even further by challenging the way people behave and setting the benchmark in hypoallergenic indoor environments.

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    Business Address

    64 Coltness Street,
    Queenslie Industrial Estate,
    G33 4JD

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