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    Blueair’s air purifiers are designed to clean the air in a room up to five times an hour. Thanks to proprietary HepaSilent™ technology, Blueair’s air purifiers remove at least 99.97 per cent of all airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns in size. This includes pollen, smoke, dust, mould spores, germs, pet allergens and microplastics.

    Swedish air purification expert Blueair was founded on the firm belief that freedom to breathe is a basic right. More than two decades ago, Blueair’s Swedish founder, Bengt Rittri, noticed it was becoming increasingly difficult to live and work in a clean-air environment, and so he set out to make the world’s best air purifier to create a healthy haven for his family as well as other like-minded individuals around the world.

    By bringing together a team of talented designers and filtration experts who shared his passion for sustainability, quality and design, the Blueair air purifier was born. Blueair went on to create top-performing air purifiers which combine high-efficiency, low-noise air purification with good design. Today Blueair’s award-winning air purifiers improve the health and wellbeing of people in over 60 countries around the world. Since 2016, Blueair has been a proud member of the Unilever family of brands.

    Blueair air purifiers are used by leading establishments and organisations globally – from hospitals and schools, to embassies, offices and hotels. Clean air is rapidly climbing the hospitality agenda and the hoteliers who choose to champion better indoor air quality for guests will find themselves set apart from the crowd in a post Covid-19 world. Leading chains such as the Page Hotel Group have installed Blueair’s compact and stylish Blue Pure 411 air purifier in every single guest room including it’s hotly anticipated Page8 Hotel on Saint Martin’s Place in Central London in 2020.

    Blueair has won numerous awards including the highly coveted Which? Best Buy status, Good Housekeeping Institute Approval and Quiet Mark approval – which guarantees guests will always get a peaceful night’s sleep thanks to its whisper-quiet performance.

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