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    ADP has been designing exceptional buildings since 1965, and our architectural and interior design teams are working on an ever-growing portfolio of exciting hotel and leisure projects. We work with international brands, and are currently delivering high quality buildings and interiors for clients across the globe.

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    The places we eat, sleep and relax away from work and home need to be special. Hotels and hospitality spaces should conjure up an experience which is both memorable and comfortable – creating a sense of place, where weary travellers feel they belong.

    We understand just how important local knowledge, brand experience and sustainable design are in helping conscientious travellers feel at home. Working hand in hand with developers and brands, we ensure that bedrooms and boardrooms connect with their context – wherever in the world that might be.

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    ADP is an employee-owned architectural practice, where every team member is personally invested in the success of each project. We operate both internationally and locally, working from nine different locations across the UK, Cyprus and India – but as one team, with a wide range of experience and expertise to suit any project.

    Whether designing a new building on a sensitive site or reinvigorating one which already exists, we make a point of getting to know the people who will use the finished product – the people for whom the building matters most. It’s an approach which celebrates difference.

    The buildings we design aren’t recognisably “ADP’s”: they belong to the people who use them, and it’s those communities which ultimately shape each and every one of our projects. By designing buildings in this way, we create architecture which is more sustainable, more creative, and brings more joy to the people it serves.

    Image credit: ADP Architecture

    Measuring what matters

    A good leisure or hospitality project should benefit everyone involved, from visitors and employees to supply chains and local communities. We’ve developed a bespoke “Sustainability, Belonging and Engagement” assessment tool, so that we can measure the social and environmental impact our projects have to deliver our purpose and have a positive impact on society.

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