Episode 6: Framing Design & Architecture (Florence Rolfe & Mel Yates)

In this episode, in association with Bathroom Brands Group, editor Hamish Kilburn and co-host Harriet Forde meet stylist Florence Rolfe and photographer Mel Yates, who often work together on international shoots for leading hotel brands, to see design and architecture through a slightly different lens…

DESIGN POD Mel Yates and Flo Rolfe

DESIGN POD is the contemporary podcast for all architecture and design lovers – it’s a safe space that amplifies interesting conversations and topics that mean something. In episode 6, we look at architecture and design through a slightly different lens in order to understand responsibilities of – and challenges faced by – stylists and photographers.

Florence Rolfe is a freelance stylist who started her career working for House & Garden magazine. Mel Yates, meanwhile, in an award-winning architecture, interior design and portrait photographer. Together, they form a powerful story-telling team who bring to life narratives of spaces and people. This episode will challenge conventional approaches to the design and encourage you to change your perception, ever so slightly, to become more open to creative opportunities.

Listen to the full episode here: