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    MINIVIEW: Lough Eske Castle Hotel, County Donegal, Ireland

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    Guest reviewer Stuart O’Brian checks in to the only five-star hotel in County Donegal… The first indication of the attention to aesthetic detail that runs through the entire Lough Eske Castle hotel site is the six-foot bronze dragon that greets visitors at the top of its long, winding, forest driveway entrance. The hotel has experienced a […]

    Technology expert Jason Bradbury reviews Eccleston Square Hotel in the future

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    Healing heating, holographic entertainment and a toilet that tells you your food printer what snacks to make, technology expert and futurist Jason Bradbury spent a night future gazing in the technologically enhanced 19th Century luxury of Eccleston Square Hotel, London… We’re living back to front. As technology marches inexorably forward, gaining speed at an exponential rate, […]