LISTEN NOW: Ep 19 of DESIGN POD explores unconventional design details

The dynamic design duo from INODA + SVEJE sit on the DESIGN POD sofa with Editor Hamish Kilburn to discuss the inspiration behind the three new product designs that they created for the Minotti 2022 Collection, as well as sharing the secrets behind working with your life partner…

Image of INODA+SVEJE in front of pink background and the DESIGN POD logo

Kicking off series 3 of DESIGN POD, in exclusive interview, Editor Hamish Kilburn speaks to Nils Sveje and Kyoko Inoda, Co-Founders of INODA+SVEJE, which was one of few protagonist studios behind the 2022 collection by Minotti.

INODA+SVEJE was founded in 2000 in Copenhagen and is now, since 2003, situated in Milan. Together, working as a team of two – expanding beyond that would disrupt each designer’s harmony (their words, not mine) – they have developed a sensitive approach applied to both the design process and the resulting form and aesthetics.

Listen here:

The pair joined the podcast sofa just one week after Milan Design Week to record the episode where we discussed how their latest products – Yoko, Lars and Sendai – went down with the design and architecture community when they launched during the show as well as exploring the design duo’s unique approach to product design.

In addition to discussing the collection in detail – from concept to unveiling of the products – the interview explores the merging of two cultures – Japan and Denmark, which geographically are far apart but in terms of style have similar respect for minimalism.

DESIGN POD is the contemporary podcast for all architecture and design enthusiasts. Series 3 of DESIGN POD is produced by Mel Yates and is hosted by Hamish Kilburn. The next episode to drop will feature Ivaylo Lefterov to understand how he is developing the world’s first energy-positive hotel. 

Main image credit: DESIGN POD/Hotel Designs