First look at the cafe-inspired Vision Stage for HRC 2022

Harp Design has unveiled its ‘immersive cafe’ design for the Vision Stage for Hotel, Restaurant & Catering 2022, which will host a number of panel discussions between March 21 – 23 at ExCel London…

Vision Stage HRC render

Ahead of Hotel, Catering and Restaurant 2022 (HRC), Harp Design has unveiled this year’s Vision Stage, which takes the audience into an intimate cafe setting, inspired by what the industry learned during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Comparable to everything being burnt to the ground and rising from the ashes, the team at Harp Design have drained the stage of colour. The bright greens and yellows of the plants then represent new growth and the changes we are all embracing in our new day to day life It’s a fresh start, it’s something different and it’s time for new ideas to be heard. “Our worlds have been flipped upside down from the pandemic and from this we have all had to rethink everything we thought we knew,” said Hayley Roy, Founder, Harp Design. “We’re letting new ideas, new ways of working and new experiences shine, and take centre stage.”

Vision Stage model at HRC

Image credit: Harp Design

The studio has made the stage an immersive experience, showing the change from 2D cartoon to real life interactive 3D life, and allowing it to all blend together seamlessly. The stage is made of a mixture of real-life objects like the chairs and tables along with faux flowers and printed backgrounds. The goal was to show that we can expand the limitations of 2D drawings.

The Vision Stage, which showcases the studio’s innovative approach beyond conventional interior design, pushes boundaries and will no-doubt be a talking point of this year’s edition of HRC, as audiences will interpret the stage in their own way.

“I’m so excited to be invited back for a second time to design one of the main stages,” Roy added. “As events have been on hold for such a long time, we’re super excited to be back! 2022 is the year for change and growth and hopefully you see that from our design of the Vision Stage.”

The speakership line-up for HRC is complete. Hotel Designs is a proud media partner for HRC, and will be hosting a panel discussion on March 21 at 14:15 on ‘how restaurant design can get consumers back dining out‘. 

Main image credit: Harp Design