Wrights Fine Furniture: Education Goes Green

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    Wrights Fine Furniture has completed two projects for the education sector bringing the colour of nature into the dining environment.The new bright colour and simple, picnic style design was chosen by the college students and staff at North West Kent College for their refectory.

    Hardwood edges and Perstorp high pressure laminates were used on both table tops and bench seats due to their strength and durability in high use areas.

    Green was also the colour choice for Millbrook School, High Wickham. Booth style ‘Contourmold’ from the Waymar collection was chosen for this project and the extremely hardwearing seats are finished in “Formica USA” laminate.

    Providing a pleasant environment has proved to be essential for staff and student’s moral.

    Wright’s Fine Furniture is the sole distributor within the UK and Ireland for Waymar Industries, USA, manufacturers of booth seating for American Diners, Restaurants and Canteens.

    Daniel Fountain / 15.11.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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