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    Lano Flooring Solutions has breathed new life into its Walk of Fame collection with the introduction of eight stunning new shades in a revamped line-up for its 16 strong colourbank.Created to offer hospitality interiors an on-trend colour choice alongside shades that have been proven in many prestigious installations, the new colourbank is joined by three updated stock designs in two stripe and a pindot styles. The new colours and designs can both be discovered in the new Walk of Fame presentation folder, which is now available from Lano Flooring Solutions.

    Three state-of-the-art Max Vande Wiele 63 Axminster looms produce all carpets within the Walk of Fame collection, using the latest software to make carpets of outstanding quality and employing Smart Creel robotic yarn feed technology to give complete flexibility in bespoke creations. On projects of 100m2 and over, specifiers and designers can use this fast and flexible production to create a semi-bespoke carpet in any stock pattern, choosing from any of the 16 shades. All carpets produced from the stock collection are available in a nine-row broadloom or 10-row Axminster tile quality.

    With an extensive library of designs on offer, including the entire Stoddard archive, from 400m2 designers are also free to work with Lano Flooring Solutions to create a carpet that draws from a palette of 320 colours. For orders over 800m2, Lano Flooring Solutions’ unique in-house yarn dyeing facility and experienced design team can be called upon to create completely bespoke carpets. With a range of qualities from seven to 11-row available, specifiers can also fine-tune the carpet to suit individual areas.

    Manufactured from a high performance combination of 80% wool and 20% nylon in a three-ply yarn for superior surface finish and improved design imagery, Walk of Fame custom carpets can be delivered in as little as four weeks, with Kibby samples supplied within just 48 hours. IMO certification is available for passenger ships.

    For further information on all Lano carpet ranges, freephone 00800 5266 5266 or visit www.lano.com

    Daniel Fountain / 25.01.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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