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    On Saturday 4 January 2014, Vana Retreats reached an important milestone as it opened the doors of its first wellness retreat, Vana, Malsi Estate, which it hopes will become a beacon of global wellbeing.The 21-acre estate is in Dehradun, India, situated in one of the most spiritually rich regions in the world. Set amidst clusters of ancient forest and orchards, the retreat merges into its surroundings, uniquely perched on a small plateau with Sal forest to the west, the hills of Mussoorie to the north and the bustling small town of Dehradun to the east.

    Vana, Malsi Estate is a wellness retreat that explores each aspect of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Bringing together Ayurveda, Tibetan healing, yoga, natural healing, spa, fitness and aqua, the retreat provides many paths to reach one’s wellness goals, or at least start a journey towards greater personal wellbeing. Ayurveda, Tibetan healing and yoga are offered in their complete and pure forms. Each wellness offering has its own dedicated space and its own team of specialists.

    There are more than fifty treatment and consultation rooms, spread across the Ayurveda centre, ritual spa, wellness centre and spa. Other wellness spaces include three yoga studios and pavilions, an indoor and outdoor pool, heat and wet areas, a watsu pool, and a state-of-the-art gymnasium.

    At Vana, each guest is seen as an individual entity and an opportunity to serve and enhance wellbeing, through wellness. The wellness team at Vana, Malsi Estate includes wellness consultants, ayurvedic doctors, a Tibetan doctor, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, yoga practitioners, senior therapists, specialist practitioners, fitness experts, naturopaths and a nutritionist.

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    Daniel Fountain / 19.01.2014

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