Travelodge Opens the UK’s First Skills Academy Training Centre for Hospitality

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    Travelodge has today taken a big step forward in developing the skills of a generation of workers in the hospitality industry.

    The budget hotel company has opened a ground-breaking Skills Academy, located inside the Coventry Travelodge. The Academy, the first of its kind in this country, is a training centre specifically designed for hospitality. It was set up by the National Skills Academy for Hospitality, providing a stimulating training environment with interactive technology and seminar spaces.Due to the rapid growth of the hospitality sector in general and, in particular, budget hotels, the Skills Academy at Coventry Travelodge will help to develop the customer service and management skills in the hospitality industry to create a world-class workforce, delivering the skills that employers need. Travelodge believes such training centres are key to developing standards of excellence that are needed across the industry.

    In order to provide a home for the Academy, the hotels previously vacant meeting rooms have been refurbished with state of the art training equipment, new furniture and the all of the rooms have been re-decorated. This Academy will be open seven days a week for companies to hire and the training centre also hosts a Customer Service course each week.

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    Daniel Fountain / 10.09.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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