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    When the prestigious Wyndham Grand Hotel needed to save water and reduce the time taken to service bathrooms, the Turbo 88 Duoflush syphon from Thomas Dudley provided the perfect solution.Opened in 1989, the 5-star Wyndham Grand is London’s only all-suite hotel. It offers 154 suites over eight floors including four penthouse suites and a health and fitness centre.

    Boasting 14 conference rooms and underground parking for 1000 cars, the hotel is also extremely popular with business clients.

    Saving time and water
    Overall, the Wyndham has more than 300 WCs. Given the need to ensure that all suites are available to customers at any given time, maintaining and repairing so many WC cisterns presents a considerable challenge for Chief Engineer Paul Hamilton.

    In addition, both the hotel and the Conrad Group to which it belongs are committed to the environment. As such, Paul has the additional objective of reducing the amount of water used by the hotel and its guests.

    Serviced in under five minutes
    After meeting with Thomas Dudley’s commercial sector specialists, Paul Hamilton decided that the Turbo 88’s combination of serviceability and water efficiency made it the automatic choice for the Hotel.

    Firstly, the Turbo 88 incorporates a unique patented 2-part design. Unlike one piece syphons, this enables the Turbo 88’s blue body section to be quickly and easily removed from the cistern whilst the white syphon downleg remains in position. The syphon’s moving parts can then be serviced in a matter of minutes without having to disconnect the water supply and dismantle the cistern.

    Paul Hamilton explains, “Like most hotels, we need to make maximum use of our suites. Previously, this has been difficult because when problems have arisen with one piece syphons, we have had to dismantle everything to remove the old syphon. This has resulted in suites being left out of service which costs the hotel money and disappoints customers. With the Turbo, we can complete servicing in less than five minutes which ensures that no suite is ever left out of service”.

    Potential savings using the Turbo 88:

    * Flush volumes are approximate and depend upon the cistern

    Significantly reduced water consumption
    The Turbo 88 also comes with Dudley Duoflush. This provides a water-saving reduced flush when the cistern lever is held down or a full flush when it is depressed and released in the normal manner.

    The syphon is a proven water-saver and reduced total household water consumption by around 10% in South West Water’s ‘Water Efficiency Trial’. In hotels and other commercial applications, the savings can be even more impressive.

    Furthermore, unlike unreliable outlet valves, the Turbo 88 cannot leak and has established an unrivalled track record of reliability, efficiency and quality.

    An invaluable addition
    According to Paul Hamilton, the Turbo 88 has delivered impressive results since being adopted as the Hotel’s syphon of choice.

    Paul added “we started fitting Turbo 88 syphons as standard in February 2009 and it has since proven invaluable. It is 6/7/9 litre convertible and so can be used in most concealed and exposed cisterns. It takes us less than 5 minutes to service and is clearly helping us to save water. We’ve certainly been impressed and will continue using it in the future.”

    Manufactured in the UK, the Turbo 88 and its spares are readily available.

    The Turbo 88 is also Water Technology List registered, enabling hotels and other businesses to offset 100% of their investment, including installation costs, against tax.

    The Turbo 88 is WRAS approved and can be installed with confidence.

    Thomas Dudley’s market-leading range of water-saving bathroom products also includes the Vantage concealed cistern providing 6/4 or 4/2.6 litre dualflush and the 6/4 litre dualflush Miniflo that can be easily converted to provide 5/3 or 4/2.6 litre flushing.

    In addition, Dudley lever operated concealed and exposed cisterns are supplied with a water-saving Dudley Duoflush syphon as standard.

    The 6/4 litre Dudley Niagara provides the perfect replacement for most flushing valves.

    Daniel Fountain / 19.08.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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