The Rosebery Aparthotel

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    The Rosebery is an Aparthotel located in Clerkenwell which opened in December 2012. It is the most recent addition to the Supercity portfolio containing 58 suites, a coffee/wine bar in the adjacent building and a fully equipped fitness centre.As the London Design Festival is just around the corner, The Rosebery is perfectly positioned to explore the exciting design-base of Clerkenwell. Made up of over 300 events across the city, the London Design Festival runs from the 14th – 22nd September. The Clerkenwell Design Quarter will be running workshops, seminars, competitions and exhibitions to celebrate, certainly too much to fit into one day. The advantage of an Aparthotel like The Rosebery is you can treat it like a home away from home, keeping the cost of visiting London down as much as possible.

    Adjacent to the aparthotel is .IT cafe to the left, and .IT showroom to the right. The cafe is furnished with quirky designer pieces of furniture and unusual artwork similar in style to pieces featured in the aparthotel, but all with a price tag. You can actually buy what you see. It’s incredible. I’ve visited hotels where you can sit and read books in their library and then purchase them, but never the chair you’re sitting on to read it…

    From reception it’s a lift ride to your floor and short corridors means it’s easy to locate your apartment. Corridors are bright and feature artwork similar in style to the cafe area. It’s a fairly neutral area which has been well maintained by housekeeping.

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    Daniel Fountain / 28.08.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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