The Reniassance of The Roger

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    The Hotel Roger Williams is reinventing itself with the unveiling of the next generation’s undertaking: The Roger in June of 2012. The repositioning of the hotel property will include a refreshed brand identity, a fully updated food and beverage concept, as well as newly designed guest rooms and public spaces. The rebirth of this iconic Madison Avenue luxury hotel demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to providing the highest level of service, style and comfort to its guests. President of JRK Hotel Group, John Flannigan, assembled New York’s sharpest hospitality minds with the intent to create the next phase of the luxury hotel.“The Roger has always been a haven for travelers seeking sophisticated accessibility and this redesign is part of our continual evolvement in providing the perfect mix of modern amenities in a warm environment.” The Roger is the result of a collaboration of industry veterans including Steven Kamali, notable designers Anna Busta and Annette Jaffe, a menu by acclaimed chef Julie Farias, and cocktails by famed mixologist Johnny Swet.

    StevenKamali, one of the industry’s foremost experts working with clients at the intersection of hospitality, restaurants and nightlife, is skillfully advising JRK Hotel Group on the repositioning of its hotel property. Working to rejuvenate the classic brand, the concept of the property passing down from father to son. Inheriting the reigns to the hotel, the Roger’s son offers a modern freshness that seamlessly balances the historical nature of the property while providing a relaxed chic new perspective.

    Anna Bustawas commissioned toredesign the lounge and dining interiors. The cavernous lobby is warmed with a rich palette of jewel tones across plush seating vignettes, repurposed brick, vintage photography, antique chandeliers, modern deco accents, and a lux-rounded bar as the centerpiece.Shere-imagined a full bar lounge adjacent to the lobby and an intimate dining space on the mezzanine level resembling a modern American bistro. The upstairs dining room offers a refuge from the humble theatre of the lobby lounge, featuring marble bistro tables and blue striped banquettes wrapped in bright white and blue tiles.

    Annette Jaffe of MSM reimagined The Roger guest rooms. A rich palette of deep navy runs throughout the room from elegant, lush suede headboards, geometric curtains, and welcoming armchairs. Jaffe’s custom pieces are used in each of the 194 unique guest rooms to flawlessly complement their surroundings. The Roger experience is enhanced with a plethora of updated amenities, making each room a reinvention of the pied-à-terre.

    The stylish new enrichment announces that the Roger has grown up, but the hotel’s unwavering commitment to superior service and unparalleled guest experience remains at the heart of the hotel. Whether for only a night or a long stay, the Roger is the perfect home away from home for the savvy traveler.

    Daniel Fountain / 28.06.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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