The Hoxton Hotel creates bargain madness in under eight minutes

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    The Hoxton Hotel, whose tagline states “Luxury where it matters, Budget where it counts”, today launched two incredible offers for guests looking to bag a bargain.

    The 205 room hotel offered 1,000 rooms at two prices (£1 and £29) and they attracted over 95,000 potential guests trying to book.General Manager, David Taylor comments via the website:

    “All 1,000 rooms sold out in 8 minutes with over 95,000 people trying to book in the first 5 minutes alone. All of our £1 rooms sold within 3 minutes and the £29 rooms were sold in 8 minutes.

    My apologies for those who struggled with the speed of the site but we have received an unprecedented number of site visits during this sale. We are really sorry if you were not successful. Not everyone could be a winner.

    Congratulations to those of you who were successful. We look forward to seeing you over the next 3 months. For those who did not manage to book, there will be another £1 Sale in January 2011. Please register as a member of our fan club to learn more about it.”

    Daniel Fountain / 08.09.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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