The Hospitality Industry World Congress turns Barcelona into the hospitality capital

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    The Hospitality Industry World Congress (HIWC) was founded with the aim of harnessing the knowledge and expertise of the hospitality industry in the quest for global solutions that help the strategic advancement of the sector. It will bring together the leading world experts on the world accommodation sector. The congress will structured around 5 main themes to analyse the different aspects of the hotel industry.

    The aim of the opening “track” of the first edition of the HIWC, “The new paths towards hotel efficiency and profitability”, is to provide professionals with the keys to maximum hotel profits.

    The sessions in this track, which will take place on Wednesday 17th October, will focus on four lines of action which are regarded as strategic in the development and management of hotel projects: efficiency in construction projects, contract and facilities; efficiency in purchases; efficiency in sustainability; and efficiency and profitability in service.

    Michael Nowlis, Executive Programme Director, London Business School, will give the keynote address of this first session. “The changes in consumer behaviour, hotel design, social media and dynamics of setting prices are fast altering the hotel business and need a new, innovative way of thinking. Past successful business models are not a guarantee of future profitability” says Nowlis “The HIWC will act as a forum in which to examine the change in paradigms that are revolutionising the accommodation sector”, he adds.

    Internationalisation, an opportunity for growth
    The internationalisation and expansion of companies is one of the most basic and important options if we are to continue growing in a climate such as the current one. The second track of HIWC conferences, “Expansion and internationalisation. Where to go?, will analyse this topic.

    How and where to grow is therefore a key element to be taken into account when designing expansion strategy and, in this sense, the second set of conferences incorporates the two main geographical areas that represent most of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China): Asia and Latin America. Carlos Vogeler, Regional Representative for the Americas of the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), will be one of the speakers in this session.

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    Daniel Fountain / 07.10.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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