The Dylan Amsterdam: Loxura rooms & suites

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    After re-designing all public spaces in 2006, creating a new bar and the Ariana salon, FG stijl was asked again in 2010 to re-design and decorate ten rooms in the old building of the hotel, which are just opened. With the new design more space and luxury were created.

    Behind every bed a floor-to-ceiling headboard was placed. The middle part of the headboard is covered with metallic green leather on the bottom and rich shiny dark grey fabric at the top. This fabric is ‘kept together’ by a ring of jade. This part of the headboard is surrounded by a border of mother-of-pearl. On either side of the headboard are bronzed antique mirrors, giving a warm glow to the room but also depth and the feeling of space. This part of the headboard inspired The Dylan to name these new luxurious rooms ‘Loxura’, after the bronze-coloured butterfly. Natural and rich materials were used for the different furniture items: lamps with polished fossilized wooden bases and lamps with horn; tables of fossilized wood and desks with an inlay of broken coconut shell; curtains with different coloured fabric (green and gold / blue and silver / grey and bronze) held together by passementerie; seats covered with velvet (gold / pink / grey), leathers and hides; some rooms have wooden shutters creating an intimate atmosphere and some have hand-woven rugs. In every room a unique piece of art was installed that summarizes everything in the room. Every bathroom has beige perlato marble surfaces, a build-in make-up area and a ottoman with water proof golden fabric.

    Rooms One and Two have a private entrance from the courtyard, high ceilings and shutters. In room One a painting of Gertrud D is to be found, in room Two a Japanese antique piece of art is decorating the wall. Inside a stairs lead to the floor below in which the bathroom is situated. In both bathrooms one wall is covered with cut river pebbles in various colours, creating a beautiful pattern, as a backdrop to the free standing bath.

    Rooms Eleven and Twenty-Six were combined into a duplex room. From the central staircase the guest enters on the level of the bathroom, with a free standing bath and shutters. The original mantelpiece in the bathroom was renovated and the build-in-cupboards were re-designed into the washbasin and make-up table. The stairs lead to the bedroom one level higher with shining silver wallpaper and a beautiful artwork of Chris Berens.

    Room Ten is renamed the Dylan Thomas Suite after the world famous 20th century poet and name giver of the hotel. This suite has a spacious living area and two antique closets on either side of the bed. In front of the window at the far end of the room a silver leafed make-up table is placed.

    Daniel Fountain / 26.05.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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