The Dining Equivalent of the well-padded sofa

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    In competitive times, making your customers feel pampered can keep you ahead. Forbes table protectors slip between your tables and linen and cushion the table top to give your guests a superior dining experience.While your customer relaxes into the dining equivalent of a well-padded sofa, you can enjoy the fact that the table protector reduces noise, protects the table from the rigours of daily use, wipes clean and is easy to fit.

    A generous layer of leatherette bonded to soft felt, the table protector is cut to size, so can be tailored to any table shape. It can also be supplied with an elasticated band to anchor the protector to the table, or used in conjunction with Simple-fit table skirting for a luxury dining experience.

    Forbes table protector is also available for use on room service tables or rectangular buffets, with an optional Velcro lip edge.

    To find out more or to discuss the options, please speak to one of our customer advisors. We shall be delighted to help.

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    Daniel Fountain / 27.02.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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