The Aesthetic Beauty of Fabric Walling

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    Fabric walling does not have to have to look dated. Choosing the right fabric and the right finish can have a dramatic change to a room.Fabric walling can be used to modernize any room. Fabrics such as linens, wools and other textured fabrics can be a breath of fresh air to any room.

    At Mille Couleurs London, we are known for our invisible finish or the finish without braiding. The invisible finish is a clean finish that usually requires no intervention on the main structures. There is no need to bring the skirting boards forward as our
    materials allows us to use the thinnest battens on the market.

    Not using braiding or piping not only reduces expenses but allow the difference to be used on the fabric instead.

    Fabric walling is very versatile and a variety of fabrics can be used. For a more modern look, emphasis can be applied to a particular colour or even on certain textures.

    Linen can be used for a more minimal look as velvet for an opulent finish; Ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere with a unique personal touch and flair.

    Creativity, innovation plays a crucial role in this sector. Using fabrics on walls is not a passing trend but it is here to stay.

    Fabric walling offers soundproofing qualities, which makes them very popular for home cinemas.

    Daniel Fountain / 08.01.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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