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    With the flexibility offered by the bespoke Walk of Fame portfolio, Lano Flooring Solutions has provided Bluewater with two highly accurate replacement carpets that feature an unusual circular chlidema design, in a high quality axminster blend for premium performance.As Europe’s largest shopping centre designed to deliver an exclusive shopping and dining experience, Bluewater in Kent receives high footfall every day from visitors looking for the latest fashion releases and designer labels. One of the main café bars enjoys a location in one of the busiest walkways of the centre, with flooring comprised of a combination of hard ceramic tiles and soft circular carpet. Over time, the existing carpet required replacement after heavy usage.

    As the design elements of the café bar had been specifically created to match the strong star and constellation theme of the stylish hall in which it is located, identical replicas were required to replace the worn carpet. In addition to a five-pointed star element, the carpets also feature a rare chlidema design consisting of a border of equidistant circles. Having worked with Lano Carpets previously in the commercial sector, local flooring contractor John Wareing from JMI Flooring Ltd recommended Lano Flooring Solutions as a company that could deliver an accurate solution to this fairly specialised problem. He comments, “Having fitted carpets from Lano before in offices, I was impressed with both the high quality and appearance and so put the name forward as a reliable carpet supplier.”

    By supplying the design team at Lano Flooring Solutions with images and measurements of the original carpet, a replica design was mocked up using the latest graphic software and pinpoint colour referencing to create an identical copy. The bespoke 10-row axminster carpets, including the chlidema border, were then woven in a densely piled, premium quality blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. The final result was beautiful, hardwearing carpet suitable for commercial heavy use to provide neat appearance retention and stand up to the high traffic area of the Bluewater café bar.

    To enable successful installation on site, the carpets were supplied in two halves on four metre rolls and fitted together on site by John Wareing. He comments; “When the carpets arrived, they were absolutely identical replicas of the original carpets. It was incredible. The installation went smoothly and the carpet parts were joined together seamlessly on site. The final result fulfilled the brief and delivered precisely what the client needed, which was exactly the same design as before. The quality, fresh new carpets have renewed the smart look of the café bar.”

    Daniel Fountain / 13.01.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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