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    This is an introduction to the new website for Nest, and we hope – a new idea!

    What will nest do that is new?“Essentially, complete independent advice and management for design, manufacture and installation of furniture and joinery for any interior project”.

    Founder James Baker feels there is a gap in the market. That gap is between the Client and the manufacturer.

    Nest aims to bridge that gap!

    The client needs to be able to go direct to a global market with the security in knowing that they are represented on the factory floor and that there contract will be produced as they require and at the cost price that can be had.

    The end user buying direct from the manufacturer, gives the obvious benefits.

    The service:
    • Design
    • Procurement
    • Project Management

    • A service that you employ to deliver designs that are beautiful, functional and costed.

    • A service that has a varied and broad portfolio of specialized manufacturers, giving you choices.

    • A service that has industry experience, gained, delivering furniture contracts to some of the finest Hotels.

    This service offers a complete furniture package from design, to procurement, to final install.

    Connects you, the client, direct to a specialized, manufacturing industry.

    Nest doesn’t sell furniture, but experience and expertise, which will allow you to confidently approach a global market and buy furniture for yourself.

    We introduce Nest and all the benefits we are confident to offer.

    Daniel Fountain / 22.05.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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