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    An iconic Southend building, formerly called The Palace Hotel whose history extends back to 1904 and was used as a hospital during the First World War, has been converted to the new Park Inn Palace Hotel.Overlooking the mouth of the River Thames in the heart of the city’s tourist area, this hotel provides excellent modern amenities and welcomes both leisure and business travellers.

    Park Inn Southend is part of the Rezidor Group of Luxury Hotels that also incorporates the Radisson BLU and Missoni brands.SBL supports the
    telephone systems at all Rezidor properties in the UK and has installed the vast majority of new systems over the past 3 years.

    SBL has designed and implemented a unique single network at Southend Park Inn that supports all voice and data communication applications including telephony (fixed and mobile); IP-TV; WiFi and wired Internet access; and all administration requirements securely separated from guest traffic.

    This approach led to a capital expenditure saving of over 25 per cent on the traditional (separate networks per application) approach and is anticipated to generate significant operational savings and a reduced management overhead.

    Steve Jameson, principal engineer said: “ The network at Southend is based upon a cabling infrastructure that has been designed to accommodate the requirements of today and makes
    provision for the future. The network is highly resilient and offers maximum performance per application to each guest room—e.g. for streaming video. By utilising VLANs we are able to offer equivalent security to separate physical networks.”

    Daniel Fountain / 05.05.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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