Snotels Elevates Altitude for Ski and Alpine Hotels

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    Snotels will innovate the lodging market by launching a niche hotel brand, network and experience, for existing hotel owners and developers, solely in ski resorts and alpine towns, across the world. Snotels is a mid-range hotel brand focused on creating experiences, freedom and altitude for hotel owners and alpine enthusiasts. Negotiations with hotel owners are underway. Independently run and resort owned hotels typically struggle with brand awareness, hotel technology, marketing and service innovation. The venture founder, Michael Metcalfe says: “Snotels will increase occupancy, guest satisfaction and revenue for Snoteliers with united brand power, reservations and systems, marketing, international reach and support services”. The team includes Paul Clark, former CEO of Virgin Hotels and Mike Jones, former VP with Hilton International, plus a strong network of advisers.

    Michael Metcalfe, a former snowboard instructor and resort executive, created Snotels after experiencing great difficulty in finding quality mid-range hotels when travelling in winter and summer to mountain areas across Europe, North America and Australasia. He says: “Snotels is thrilled to bring crucial benefits to Snoteliers and mountain tourists by pioneering the launch of the world’s first alpine hotel brand”.

    With simple and affordable conversions, hotels can implement core brand standards and flexible options, and then relaunch using the Snotels experience. Paul Clark explains: “Snotels is offering major incentives for launch sites which allow for cost-effective rebranding. This will positively impact their operation and financial future”. Mike Jones says: “Our reservation, hotel management and technology systems will maximise hotel revenues and give hotel owners major advantages over regional competition”.

    The experience, service touches and marketing will target ‘alpine enthusiasts’ – cash sound, time poor, quality and value focused international and backyard explorers that want brand certainty, empowerment and simplicity. Snotels is introducing a high-tech high-touch guest journey, from booking to check-out and beyond. Guests control their booking experience and unique services, extras and notifications deliver major satisfaction, branding and sales power, that independent hotels cannot feasibly afford or maintain.

    A network expansion of 50 hotels by 2016 will be aggressively pursued. Depending on location, sites will have 20 to 150 rooms. Guest rooms will feature hotel basics plus a flat screen television, quality bedding, complimentary wireless internet and many untold secrets to enhance the experience, whether winter or summer. Public areas will include engaging zones, hot tubs, services for skiers, hikers and bikers, with options for restaurant, bar, rental, retail and other spaces.

    Daniel Fountain / 08.02.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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