Smashing Roomzzz Records AND Two New Openings

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    As a burgeoning contender in the franchise market with two new franchise partners and a reputation for rapidly expanding innovation in new style hospitality – Roomzzz Aparthotel have released their latest figures after 10 months of this financial year that show remarkable growth for the independent brand. Figures are reading a certified 27% growth year on year highlighting a trend which is continuing to move forward. Heartening news indeed for a brand whose expansion is well documented.

    Mark Walton Head of Roomzzz Aparthotel comments ‘the brand is evolving, morphing into a force which is smashing historic growth patterns and sales figures. Our investment into researching the marketplace is considerable and this knowledge has enabled us to make bold directional changes to drive and keep up with demand’.

    Roomzzz are known for their own take on deciphering their target audience and tailoring the appeal of the brand to match and manage expectation of customers across the four sites which will soon show an additional two sites taking the company from a Northern (originally Yorkshire) brand to a Nationwide concern. Both new sites as part of the franchise model success occupy prime locations with one in East London near to the Olympic stadium and one in the centre of Bristol. The sites have been carefully chosen to relate to audiences looking for affordable yet luxury boutique accommodation solutions in City central locations.

    Walton continues, ‘The Roomzzz Aparthotel franchise model has already been very well accepted and we are in discussions with several more franchisee partners to take the brand site total into double figures for 2012 and 2013 and could see us expanding into Europe’.

    Exciting times ahead for the brand which has recently tackled the last bastion of customer service – real time loyalty with a new product, The Royalty Club. Figures are showing a 70% increase in new business as a result. Recently launched to a corporate audience the traditional concept of ‘corporate rate’ has been updated with real time discounts giving a far greater advantage to business travellers.

    Two new sites are opening 2011/2012 in southern locations. Bristol and East London. One of which is under construction the other is in planning.

    Daniel Fountain / 12.08.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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