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    Dernier & Hamlyn has been making bespoke light fittings for 125 years and you can see the company’s chandeliers, lamps and wall lights in hotels, palaces, cathedrals and private residences all over the world. But what really makes the D&H difference is the people who handcraft the individually made pieces in the London factory. It’s impossible to convey this merely in words so Dernier & Hamlyn recently produced a series of videos that are not voiced by actors or corporate spokespeople but by the men who work in the factory and the design offices.See installer Brian and hear about his pride in seeing fittings he has made over the past twenty years installed across the UK as well as in America, Russia and Asia.

    Watch apprentice Owen talking about what he has learned so far.

    Find out more about how director Brian uses the D&H archive to inform responses to designers’ briefs.

    And to find out more view the selection of videos on Dernier & Hamlyn’s website or better still contact director Jeremy Quantrill to arrange to visit the factory yourself. You can call him on 0208 760 0900 or email

    Daniel Fountain / 22.01.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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