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    Leading UK shower manufacturer and designer, Roman Limited, have proved that when it comes to showering you can have high performance at the same time as being water efficient, by getting their new range of valves officially accredited on the WEPLS (Water Efficiency Product Labelling Scheme) Scheme.Roman has put their shower valves through the Bathroom Manufacturer’s Association’s (BMA’s) WEPLS scheme. In line with the scheme Roman’s shower valve range is designed to deliver an invigorating showering experience, as expected by today’s consumer, whilst also being water efficient.

    The Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme was developed and introduced by the BMA in 2007 and it has been successfully helping to shape the industry. The aim of the scheme is to help consumers save water with no reduction in performance. A key message is how much energy can be saved by using less heated water in the home – this can be a cost saving of up to a third in certain situations.

    Roman’s range of valves come complete with flow regulators, both within the shower valve and the showerhead which, when used with the valve, can restrict the water flow by up to 60%. This economic flow rate has earned the valves approval with the BMA’s scheme.

    As showering technology moves on the challenge facing manufacturers is to create products that are high performing, so deliver the quality showering experience that is being demanded by consumers, whilst also being water and energy efficient. Roman’s range of valves proves you can have high performance and also consider water efficiency and the environment.

    In order to achieve the BMA’s Water Efficient Label, the products are tested to ensure they meet the criteria for water efficient products as defined by technical experts within the UK bathroom industry.

    David Osborne, Roman’s Managing Director, comments: “Roman’s Valves were launched earlier this year and we were keen to put them through the BMA’s scheme as they had been designed to consider water efficiency, whilst also giving a high performance. Roman are 100% behind the BMA’s Water Efficiency Product Labelling Scheme and see this as a growing issue for the industry. As legislation changes, along with the rising cost of energy bills, so will consumers’ attitudes and they will begin to seek out these types of products that not only consider the environment, but can also mean a significant saving in the long run.”

    Daniel Fountain / 08.09.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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