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    Roman, one of the UK’s leading shower manufacturers and designers, is launching a brand new collection of stylish shower valves, to perfectly complement their range of enclosures, wetrooms and bath screens.The new competitively priced range presents 17 different options, incorporating concealed, semi-concealed and exposed designs, along with drench heads and multi-mode hand showers. These are available in a choice of cubist, cylindrical and oval design options and you can select from fixed, or adjustable height designs.

    The Roman valve collection has been UK designed, specifically for the UK market. The designs complement the current market trends and sit comfortably with other brassware styles available for the bathroom. They utilise ceramic disc technology which ensures the valves are drip free, long life and solid – this is a reliable tried and tested technology.

    The range has also been designed with ease of Installation in mind. It features fast fit plumbing connections with built in eze fix connectors and eco filters – these come as standard and don’t need to be ordered separately. These eze fix connectors reduce installation time and simplify the process, as well as making future maintenance straightforward.

    All the valves in the range meet or exceed UK and European standards. The valves feature an instant cut off in the event of hot or cold water failure and safely stop at 38 degrees. The valves will regulate the temperature even if there is a drop in pressure within the system.

    To further ease installation, the concealed valves offer adjustable wall mounts for different wall surfaces at different levels within the showering area. The slider rail kits are longer than the standard on the market, providing more flexibility to position the shower head at different heights – this enables an easy retro fit when replacing an old valve, ensuring no unsightly holes are left in the wall surface.

    The Roman valves feature separate flow and temperature controls so they can be pre-set to a comfortable operating temperature and simply switched on and off for each use.

    For those customers who are conscious of the environment the valves come complete with flow regulators so the flow can be restricted to a more economical rate. They regulate the water flow to around 8 litres per minute on the drench head versions and 6 litres per minute on the hand held showers.

    Julian Pearson, Commercial Director at Roman, commented: “We are very pleased with our new collection of shower valves and have already received excellent feedback from those customers who have had a sneak preview. They are just the product to complete the contemporary and luxurious showering experience you would expect from Roman. With the variety of design options, there is something for every bathroom. They have been carefully designed to complement current bathroom trends, with a blend of curvaceous and square designs. With every valve purchase, you also have the peace of mind that they are back by a highly trained customer service team who can help at any stage throughout the purchase process, whether its advice before purchase, during the installation process or in an after sales capacity.”

    Daniel Fountain / 03.03.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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