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    Leading UK shower designer and manufacturer, Roman, have gone out of their way to deliver exceptional customer service, to help a customer with a unique predicament. Roman were contacted by a customer, who had purchased their Orbital Arc Shower Enclosure, which is a unique take on the Corner Enclosure, teamed with a low level Shower Tray, which allows trouble free access into the Enclosure.

    The installer had begun to install the product, including the Shower Tray and Side Panels but he soon realised that due to the nature of the outward opening of the Shower Door it would clash with a beam that ran the full length of the room.

    The customer contacted Roman’s customer service team to see if anything could be done to resolve the issue, such as a bespoke door being created. However, the Shower Door was curved glass, and this was not available as a bespoke product. Upon discussion with the customer and understanding the full situation, where she was obviously reluctant to remove all the parts of the Shower Enclosure as they had just been installed, Roman were determined to find a solution.

    The leading UK shower manufacturer contacted their glass supplier to see if they could come up with a solution. After discussing the situation with their glass supplier it was arranged that a reduced height door could be created for the customer, which would swing underneath the beam, so the door could open and shut without any restriction.

    David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “A key benefit of being a British manufacturer is that we can offer such a high quality trusted service, including; specific sizes, designs and special bespoke products. We always aim to deliver the best customer service possible, to make sure all our customers are fully satisfied with their product and installation. We employ over 20 full time members of staff in our Customer Support Centre, who all receive comprehensive training to ensure the best possible advice is given to the customer.”

    Daniel Fountain / 05.06.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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