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    UK Shower Manufacturer and Designer, Roman Limited have reported that their yearlong social media campaign, which saw them documenting a year in their life through photos, was a fantastic success.The company published a photo every working day throughout 2012 – there was a total of 252 working days for the company during 2012, so they titled the campaign Project 252. The photos were uploaded daily to the company’s Flickr page; from here they were also shared across the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages, with them then being added on a weekly basis to the Roman website.

    The stats from the Flickr page highlight that the photos have so far received 38,779 views (as of 4th February), and averaged around 3,000 views per month during 2012, when the campaign was running.

    The photos showcased all different aspects of the business, from pictures of the products being manufactured on the shop floor, to customer service operatives receiving chocolates from grateful customers, from new showroom displays being installed, to the company Directors and Area Managers out on the road travelling the country. Our suppliers and customers also got involved by sending in their Roman related pictures.

    The most viewed photo was Roman’s April Fools prank, which showed the company announcing a ground-breaking new ‘cordless’ shower, which was of course a spoof. This picture alone received 401 views. Locations for the photos came from far and wide, with pictures being taken in Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar, Hong Kong, Malta, Amsterdam and France, as well as all over the UK, from Stornoway down to Maidstone.

    David Osborne, Roman’s Managing Director, commented: “We were thrilled with the impact Project 252 had. Not only were we getting high numbers of views for each photo, but many of our followers also shared the pictures across their own social networking pages. We managed to cover every aspect of the business, as well as photographing the majority of the staff at one time or another throughout the campaign. It became a real talking point amongst our customers, who soon began submitting photos for inclusion themselves. We will keep the library of photos as a permanent section on the Roman website and we have also created a printed booklet featuring every photo, which makes a fabulous keepsake.”

    Daniel Fountain / 25.02.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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