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    Leading UK shower manufacturer and designer, Roman, are one of the first companies in the industry to support the newer updated Made in Britain campaign. Roman has proudly flown the flag for British design and manufacture since they were founded in 1985. The new Made in Britain marque was launched in January 2014 and Roman were one of the first companies to join the campaign and consistently use the marque to draw attention to their products.

    The new marque is designed to supersede the previous ‘Tick’ version, which Roman strongly supported. The new Made in Britain marque organisation has been created with the remit of actively campaigning to raise the general awareness of British manufacturing both domestically and across the globe.

    In order to use the Made in Britain marque, membership is needed and the scheme requires all companies to submit written evidence that they manufacture their products in the UK. Roman holds all the necessary requirements as they are a reputable and well established UK Brand, who is home to the UK’s largest shower manufacturing plant.

    Roman are promoting the new Made in Britain marque on all their product packaging, websites and social media platforms along with marketing materials and point of sale merchandising. A prime example is on their newly updated Showroom Guide brochure, the Made in Britain marque appears proudly on the front cover to represent all of Roman’s product ranges. Roman have also recently created new brand badges for their Sculptures and Decem product ranges, which incorporate the Roman Logo on one side and “Made in Britain” text on the other.

    Joining the Made in Britain marque was extremely important to Roman as British manufactured products are increasing in popularity due to their trusted quality, specific sizes and tailored made products to the UK market and the excellence of their after sales and customer service. People are keen to buy products they know are made in the UK to support the design, skills and craftsmanship which strongly exist here. Roman has capitalised on the fact that the Made in Britain logo not only appeals to the UK market but it is also seen as a major selling point in Asia and Commonwealth countries.

    David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “A recent trend, as we have seen is customers moving away from unreliable imports in favour of British made products. There is a clear trend towards the support of British manufacturers as customers recognise the importance of investing in high quality products for their bathrooms. British made bathroom products are being held in high esteem and more and more customers are keen to opt for British products. We see it as a big advantage to support the Made in Britain campaign and use the marque to proudly market our products as a UK brand, as it is a key differential of ours as people see it as a mark of quality.”

    Daniel Fountain / 01.04.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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