RFID Hotel Card Lock from TLJ Security Systems

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    TLJ Security Systems have a range of standalone intelligent locks which leads the way in electronic locking systems technology. This is suitable for the Hotel, Guest House and Halls of Residence market.The locks themselves are ‘standalone’ and battery operated, with each lock requiring only 4xAA standard alkaline batteries. Users gain access by simply presenting a proximity smartcard to their designated locks.

    Explore the features and benefits of proven RFID applications that can enhance your bottom line and provide unmatched safety, security and convenience to your guests.

    Suitable for Hotels, Guest Houses & Halls of Residence
    Allows guest access out of hours
    Audit trail of who went where and when – records last 500 entries
    Battery powered – no mains power required
    External version available
    Smart card – links to restaurant/ bar facilities
    Reports feature
    Password protection
    Low battery indicator
    Emergency over-ride key
    Clear visual and audible indications
    Card programming software systems
    No Keys – used only for emergency mechanical override
    Deadbolt – for occupant’s privacy/ security
    Master card – grants general access to all doors
    Emergency card – grants emergency access to all doors (included dead bolted doors)

    Daniel Fountain / 20.07.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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