Resort installs wind turbines in a bid to reduce carbon footprint

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    HotelDesigns has recently written a series of articles focussing on environmental design and now it has come to light that a resort will be taking green initiatves one step further – with the installation of wind turbines.Peter Island Resort and Spa has become the first hotel in the Virgin Island territory to install the turbines, which are being used to generate power for the resort, decreasing its fuel consumption by 25 per cent.

    The installation has reduced the hotel’s overall carbon footprint by 75 per cent, making it a worthwhile environmentally-friendly change to its operations.

    The two wind turbines to be installed are WES30 types, a two-blade, high-performance midsize 250kW wind turbine. The new sources of power will be able to withstand high-force winds and the twin blades are also a reduced hazard to local wildlife compared to other blades.

    Peter Island Resort, CEO, Van Andel said it was important to keep the island beautiful when installing new projects: “We’ve studied the idea for years as a method to better manage our energy needs while maintaining the beautiful, undisturbed landscapes that Peter Island is known for. These new state-of-the-art turbines are not only environmentally friendly but also energy efficient, which makes them an ideal option for this geographic location.”

    Indeed the visual effect the turbines were to have on the resort was greatly considered before the installation. The operations team and project architects were careful to select a location that would not impair the panoramic views Peter Island is known for. What’s more, the location is the optimum site for wind absorption and is conveniently located by the resort’s power station.

    Andel added that the company is leading the way in environmental initiatives: “Many people talk about what should be done, but we decided to do it. We are proud to lead by example in terms of the benefits derived for the environment and the resort cost structure. This is something we hope others will follow in as well as the region could greatly benefit from this technology.”

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    Daniel Fountain / 18.05.2010

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