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    Specialist hotel and leisure refurbishment contractor Ramparts Interior Contracts Ltd has been purchased from Liquidators BDO for an undisclosed sum, by a team led by former Sales and Marketing Director, Gary Crosbie.Founded in 1972, Ramparts was recognised as the leading interior fit-out contractor in its sector and preferred partner to the most respected operators in the market place, in its prime turning over £20 million. However, the sale of the business for £4m in 2006 by its founders was not the platform to build the business further, but the beginning of a turbulent storm of legal wrangling and boardroom instability adversely affected performance from which it was unable to weather.

    Gary Crosbie commented, “Having been heavily involved in the growth of the business up to its 2006 sale I was shocked to see what was once a well run operation falter so quickly. It was particularly upsetting to see the efforts of almost 40 years reduced to a jumble of packing cases in a warehouse and hear of pointless and expensive litigation which took the focus off what paid the rent.”

    “I have been fortunate and amazed to be able to put together a team of people who know the top end and contract refurbishment market inside out, with diverse skills from construction, soft furnishings and building services. We have the team ready and waiting to tackle any shape and size of project, but strategy is very much a walk before we run situation as we aim to take Ramparts to reclaim its former industry leading position.”

    The purchase and restructure of the business will see Ramparts move from its traditional home of Macclesfield to South Manchester.

    “From a personal point I’m sad to see the move from Macclesfield, as the old office is only 100 yards from my house, but from a business point of view, we have to strip out every unnecessary cost and overhead. Business is tough, price is king and not having a huge overhead can only be good for our competitiveness.”

    Whilst business has not been trading for several weeks, Ramparts hopes to be re-engaging former staff sub-contractors and suppliers as soon as possible.

    “The first stages of redundancies started over a year ago and the company shed staff along the way to its eventual demise in May. Ramparts built up its reputation on the backs of these people, clearly some have found new jobs. However, it is my firm intention to get as much of this talent back on board as soon as possible and get this once great market leading contractor back to its rightful place in the industry. I intend to expand its repertoire and build a solid future based on its past strategy of understanding its clients needs and making sure they are fulfilled.”

    Daniel Fountain / 05.10.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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