Ramparts remembers the 80s

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    The big 80s revival – is 80s style making a comeback in today’s design?

    Remember the 80s? Spandau Ballet, stretch denim, big hair, shoulder pads, Miami Vice…..takes us back I’ll tell you.What about avocado bathroom suites, mirror ceilings, red and black walls and pastel shades? The Clash was not just a Punk band. Everyone must have some great ‘faux pas’ from the era of shinny leather jackets and thin ties, surely?

    Whilst looking through the Ramparts back catalogue of projects we came across these ‘rare examples’ of opulent finishes and just had to share them with you. We’ve been asked to create all manner of styles over the last 39 years and we can say hand on heart, yes, mirrors on the ceiling – been there done that.

    Well don’t be shy, share your 80s dreams with us by visiting our new Facebook page. We’ve started the ball rolling by uploading some images of our own from the Ramparts archive, say what you like or dislike and feel free to add you own images too.

    There will be a mystery prize for the best 80s hotel image added to our Facebook page – a Betamax Flashdance video perhaps, or maybe some leg warmers! Just click the link opposite and sign-in to Facebook.

    Back to the future
    Of course things have moved on here at Ramparts. Check out our web site for details of more up to date projects, latest news and other articles.

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    Daniel Fountain / 21.09.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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