Puritama Hotsprings reopen following extensive renovation

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    explora is delighted to announce the reopening this month of their Puritama Thermal Springs in Chile’s Atacama Desert. The springs have undergone an extensive renovation programme since closing in February of this year.Situated at 3500m above sea level, in a narrow gorge less than an hour from the city of San Pedro de Atacama, the Puritama Thermal Field consists of eight thermal pools with an average temperature of 33.5°C. Wooden walkways connect the eight pools enabling visitors to enjoy the many benefits of these thermal waters, as members of the ancient Atacameño culture have done for centuries.

    The renovation works at the Puritama Thermal Springs this year include the addition of waterfalls and a complete refurbishment of the main pool, which is for the exclusive use of explora guests. The depths of several of the existing pools have also been altered, and new access walkways and changing rooms have been constructed, along with bathrooms and disabled facilities. In December a new terrace with picnic tables and storage lockers will also be completed. Despite all these improvements however, the springs still adhere to explora’s sustained intention of maintaining harmony with the natural surroundings.

    The name ‘Puritama’, translating simply as ‘hot water’, can be traced back to an ancient, pre-Inca language, suggesting that these medicinal springs have been in use for thousands of years. The water at Puritama has both medicinal and therapeutic properties, stimulating the circulatory and digestive systems, rejuvenating the skin and relaxing the body and mind. In centuries past, sulphur miners working in the high-altitude Saciel mine benefited from the properties of these thermal pools, reenergising before and after their arduous day’s work.

    The entrance fee for each visit to the Puritama Thermal Springs by explora as well as other local properties is used to directly benefit the Atacameño community. explora’s commitment to both the environment and to the local community holds true to each of their adventures and their locations: Patagonia, Atacama and Rapa Nui.

    Daniel Fountain / 23.12.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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