PUBLIC Chicago Opens Its Doors

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    As of the 11th October, Chicago will undoubtedly be in the PUBLIC eye. The renowned American hotelier, Ian Schrager, takes the big city by storm with an even bigger bang. But this time, his new phenomenon, PUBLIC Chicago, has a twist. This hotel accommodates all guests and at an accommodating price. It’s out with the old and in with the new with PUBLIC. Schrager has taken Chicago’s iconic Ambassador East Hotel, built in 1926, and its legendary Pump Room and turned it into another worldwide wakeup call that welcomes businessmen and leisure seekers alike.

    PUBLIC Chicago is a new breed of hotel and is all about ‘essential’ service. Inclusive, rather than exclusive, the hotel promises a unique experience above business or price point. As Schrager explains: “the idea behind the boutique [hotel] as I saw it was meant to touch people emotionally and viscerally and offer guests a truly unique experience. These travellers now expect truly unique experiences and not merely a place to sleep. PUBLIC will punctuate this with great value and service.”

    This hotel resonates sophistication and authenticity. Along with interior designer Anda Andrei, Schrager has stripped the building of pretence and filled it with a warm feel to comfort every one of its guests – “we are trying not to be hip, we are in fact anti-hip, and therefore by definition, we are.”

    Schrager continues to lobby for ‘chat rooms,’ with the plush Living Room and Library at the heart of the hotel’s social activity. In addition, PUBLIC Chicago will be the first property to offer PUBLIC EXPRESS, a gourmet takeaway offering an on-the-go dining experience in which worldwide acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten prepares sumptuous packaged meals for guests.


    Daniel Fountain / 15.10.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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