Premier Inn opens in York

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    A new Premier Inn hotel has opened in York, UK. The hotel is located on Blossom Street in the city centre and has a restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.York is a great place to visit for a weekend away, and Premier Inn already has a few hotels in the town, including the York City Blossom Street North, York North, York North West and York South West.

    The new York City Blossom Street South hotel is close to York Minster, which had its first building erected in 627. The hotel is also near the historic city walls, which will take the better part of a morning to stroll around. However, this is thoroughly recommended as the walk gives a good vantage point over the city.

    Whilst in York it is also vital to stop by The Shambles, voted the more picturesque street by Google, and take a look at the old shoppes. The street is very charming and is one of the most famous in the UK.

    Daniel Fountain / 30.04.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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