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    The Mezzanotte series of bollards has been designed to allow architects and designers the flexibility to personalise many path, barrier, parking and perimeter lighting applications with twenty two options to choose from.Manufactured from Lecce or Lava (volcanic igneous stone) and diffused plate glass, Mezzanotte combines clean lines with strong, solid features. Available lamp options are fluorescent, halogen and metal halide.

    Stone is the world of materials par excellence. Every architect or designer that appreciates the tactile and chromatic aspects of stone is passionate about Materials, and when using natural stone it makes us at Ca’belli think about territory, its evolution, its future, the fragility of its equilibrium, but for the population of that territory stone can becomes an identification, a reference for the area, such as is found with Bath and Bath stone.

    The path traced by the many hands working stone, from its extraction to the final use, fulfils a gap in our society; an antique wisdom that is kept alive through the use of almost forgotten workmanship.

    Stone Architecture enables us to recuperate a physical relationship with nature’s products, with their transformation and with the use that man makes of it. Mere utopia, maybe, but the aim underlying our Stone Architecture is to allow Mother Earth’s inhabitants to develop a renewed awareness of sustainable growth. Other learning experiences and opportunities arise naturally all along this stone route.

    Our future is based on materials, innovationn and design. This formula sums up Ca’ Belli’s work. Our team is made up of craftsmen, designers and experts in a creative workshop that is our essence and the core of Made in Italy.

    If you would like to receive your own copy of the Ca’belli Luce 2011 catalogue then please send your request to

    Daniel Fountain / 10.08.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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