Part 8 of the Guide to Hotel Design

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    This is an intended series guiding the layman through what a hotel designer is, the different sorts of designers, and how to manage the design process. It will include sections on the different areas of the hotel and suggest criteria for their design. Articles will appear every Monday and will be illustrated with the author’s photographs and video.Part 1: Are you Sitting Comfortably?

    Part 2: What are Professional Fees, and how are they paid?

    Part 3: The Rôle of the Designer

    Pt 4: Choosing your Designer

    Pt 5: The Bed

    Pt 6: Creating the Darkness

    Pt 7: Silence is Golden

    Part 8: A Guide to Hotel Design: Pt 8 With Drawer

    All chapters are availble to DesignClub members now. A new chapter will appear every Monday. To join the DesignClub, please register here.

    Daniel Fountain / 08.12.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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