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    Since opening in June 1999, the Millennium Stadium has welcomed, on average, over 1.3 million visitors per year. The stadium boasts the first fully-retractable roof in the UK and is a leading venue for multi-purpose, multi-faceted events.Vaughan Sound Installations (VSI) has worked with the Millennium Stadium historically on a number of installation projects; this includes teaming up with Security Centres to install a new fire telephone system. More recently, VSI in conjunction with CUK Audio, Baldwin Boxall and the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) completed a major refurbishment of the stadium’s audio system. Essentially the client brief was to deliver an economic, cost-effective solution with the emphasis on improving the systems operation and performance.

    Technical Solutions
    The WRU chose VSI to refurbish and maintain the stadiums audio system. In order to deliver best value commercially and technically VSI entered into collaboration with CUK Audio to co-ordinate and integrate the new audio solution. Community Loudspeakers are internationally recognised in the arena of sport stadia. As a result of this partnership, audio quality, intelligibility and overall coverage have been vastly improved. Additionally, in the eventuality of an emergency evacuation VSI have incorporated the new audio system with the stadium’s life safety system.

    The existing Community M4 and EM 280 horns were reconfigured and reinforced by the addition of R6 Bass bins around the pitch perimeter. Powersoft K series and DC amplifiers were installed to power the front end supplemented by the original crest amplifiers. Powersoft LQ-2804 & Q-4002 amplifiers were utilised to improve the Community WET2V8 under balcony delays.

    Behind the scenes, the Baldwin Boxall Vigil EVAS network router and controller monitors distribution between each of the stadium’s six racks and interfaces with the fire alarm system. A new mimic display touch-screen is installed in the stadium’s control room for match day operation together with a zoned BVRD microphone in the security room. A new enhanced data network cable links the distributed racks throughout the stadium. Processing within the main stadium bowl is provided by dual BSS Soundweb BLU 80 processers in each of the rack locations. The existing 100 v line circuits have all been reconfigured and interfaced with the new system to vastly improve communication throughout.

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    Daniel Fountain / 31.08.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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