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    The PAI Group has designed, specified and installed a colourful, eye-catching lighting scheme in the “Roof top lounge” at the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli.

    The hotel, a well established local landmark, is privately run by Gryphon Leisure. It’s just had a new rooftop conservatory lounge built, giving the grand old Edwardian building a contrasting and contemporary twist.Gryphon initially approached PAI to provide an audio solution for the new space. However, as soon as Paul Adams set eyes on the plans, he immediately saw the potential for lighting. He suggested this to the client, who was also convinced, and gave Adams the green light to create a scheme.

    “The place was just crying out to be lit” explains Adams “It was a simple idea to basically edge light the glass panels of the roof, but one that I knew would have massive impact”. Adams conceived the lighting design with Geoff Jones from i-Vision, utilising a total of twenty one i-Vision 1200 mm colour changing Lumos linear LED strips along the glass. These back-light the roof panel blinds when drawn whilst simultaneously providing external illumination.

    This results in the textured surface of the blinds – which absorb light beautifully – being lit or colour changing in a series of enriched and sumptuous hues from the inside. Simultaneously from the outside, there’s also a WOW factor as the light output shoots straight onto the glass and shimmers in the night skies.

    Running the length of the roof inside the conservatory, Adams had a stainless steel plate designed and custom made, into which is recessed blue LED and Uno and Duo (ES111 75watt lamp) fittings to provide conventional white lighting. These are supported by a selection of wall and table lamps for general ambience.

    Outside, the conservatory is a wood-decked terrace. Here Adams specified 22 i-Vision Lumos in-ground colour changing fittings, placed around the outside of the decking, flooding up the glass conservatory and the turret walls enclosing the terrace.

    All lighting is integrated and run via a Sunlight controller and Pulsar data-packs.
    For branding, PAI had two custom neon ‘Gryphon’ signs made, one for the terraced decking and the other for the main entrance.

    For the audio installation, PAI specified a good quality background sound system consisting of a CD player and 3 zone mixer/amp, a Cloud zoner and 10 Australian Monitor wall speakers.

    As well as its role as the residents lounge, the rooftop space is intended for use as a small function room and conference facility, so PAI added a 42 inch plasma screen for presentations.

    Daniel Fountain / 07.09.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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