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    Vaughan Sound Installations, (part of the PAI Group) in conjunction with Charnic Interiors, were instructed to complete the lighting, sound and audio visual needs for the refurbishment of the prestigious Gower Suite in the 4 star Marriott Hotel, Swansea SA1.Client Overview
    The Gower Suite is the Marriott Hotel Swansea’s premier function room. With its own conservatory bar and seating for up to 300 guests, this is an ideal location for meetings, conferences & weddings. The suite offers superb facilities, conveniently splits into three smaller function rooms and would provide the perfect atmosphere for any event. The hotel itself is located in the picturesque Marina.

    Anthony Brunton, Chief Engineer for the Hotel was “delighted with the flexibility of the Multimedia Presentation systems and the intuitiveness of the AMX control interface… Even the most non technical staff will have no trouble in setting up the Function Suites for any occasion.”

    Technical Solutions
    Vaughan Sound was appointed to replace and update the sound and lighting control systems in The Gower Suite. The new installations were able to utilise the existing cabling and this helped to minimise the costs. The TOA M9000 digital mixer was installed to provide comprehensive, user friendly control of the numerous inputs in the suite. In addition TOA ceiling loudspeakers powered by a Cloud multichannel amplifier provide even coverage for the wide range of events that take place.

    For the lighting system, the Anytronics Anylight control system provided control of the numerous circuits via outstations located throughout the suite. Dimming packs, to assist with energy saving, were also installed for the existing fittings together with the digital dimming of the newly installed fluorescent fittings. This gave control over the selection of lighting scenes to suit the mood of the event.

    To work with the flexibility of the Gower Suite, Vaughan Sound Installations installed each partitioned area with projectors, retractable electric screens, six button control systems & Laptop/DVD connection points that can be operated on a standalone basis when the suite is split or utilised as one larger venue as required.

    All local input connection points were cabled to a matrix system within The Manager’s Office enabling the display media to be delivered to any screen or combination of screens as required allowing each partitioned room to operate independently. A particularly useful feature when used in full room mode; the two outer screens will display one presentation with different media displayed to the centre screen.

    The end solution is the cost effective control of the ideal sound and lighting solutions for the function suite with
    lighting and AV systems that offer flexibility and ease of use.

    Key Products
    • TOA ceiling loudspeakers
    • TOA digital mixer
    • Anytronics Anylight control system
    • Lumen projectors
    • Cloud amplifier

    Daniel Fountain / 24.08.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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