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    Discover the World, the world’s leading ICEHOTEL specialist, has unveiled a new MINI themed suite – the largest at this year’s ICEHOTEL currently under construction in Swedish Lapland. The new suite will be available from 20th December 2013 and throughout the 2013/4 winter season until it melts away next spring (from April 2014) and will be one of the most luxurious the hotel has offered guests. It has been designed through a unique collaboration between car manufacturer, MINI, and the architects of ICEHOTEL.

    The new suite, which will measure almost 50m², will be called Deluxe by MINI. The MINI design team, through DesignworksUSA and the architects of ICEHOTEL are currently working on the suite which is made entirely of ice, snow and snice. The suite contains 20 tonnes more ice than other rooms and the ceilings are a metre higher. It also includes an en-suite sauna and heated relaxation area with shower, washbasin and toilet.

    The design of the new suite is called MINI Evolution and offers visitors a dreamlike world where MINI-relatable design forms are given a life of their own. The result is an upscale hotel and design experience, which combines MINI’s familiar forms, the ICEHOTEL environment and the evolutionary transformation of housing from ancient cave to modern rooms.

    In addition to this new Deluxe by MINI suite, there will be a selection of other individual art-suites which feature designs such as a London Underground inspired tube-carriage, a Frankenstein-esque science lab, a rooftop Montmartre setting and pole dancing polar bears, as well as Northern Lights suites (with special light installations), or the more simple snow* or ice rooms.

    Details on how to book the experience can be discovered here.

    Daniel Fountain / 13.12.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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