New Hafele Wardrobe Sliding System

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    HAWA-Antea 50-80/VF, a sophisticated, flexible, hardware system for sliding doors now available from Hafele UK.

    The new Antea system will replace the HAWA-210 Vorfront system and is suitable for glass or wooden doors, or a combination of glass and wooden doors on one cabinet. It is ideal for high quality cabinets and commercial applications such as hotels. Hardware is available for wooden and glass sliding doors running in front of the cabinet body and weighing up to 50 or 80 kg. The HAWA-Antea 50-80/VF system is characterised as much by aesthetic appeal, freedom of scope and an orientation toward design as it is by unique running smoothness, ease of installation and a love of detail. The four design options available for the glass solution are combinable with wooden sliding doors, whilst the top tracks and bottom guide profiles as well as all fastening components disappear behind the cover profile.

    The sliding doors run effortlessly and with next to no noise in front of the cabinet as a full overlay version; up to 50 kg door weight on high quality sleeve bearings whilst doors weighing up to 80 kg provide the same performance on plastic coated ball bearings.

    The soft closing system gently brakes and closes the doors in both sliding directions. A centre bumper is used on systems with three or more doors. It positions the centre outer door precisely and still allows doors to slide in both directions.

    The system sets new standards through top tracks and bottom guide profiles available for retrospective fitting from the front and door installation without using tools.

    Features of the HAWA-Antea 50-80/VF system:

    Maximum door weight 50 kg and 80 kg
    Door width 800-1500 mm
    Maximum door height 2600 mm
    Door thickness, wood, 19-28 mm
    Door thickness, glass, ESG: toughened safety glass 8 mm
    4 design options with a modular all-glass system
    Combinable wooden and glass sliding doors (glass doors always run closer to the cabinet body)
    Tool-free installation of wooden sliding doors
    Flush, point-fixing and form-fitting glass suspension
    Retrospective installation of top tracks and bottom guide profiles possible from the front (niche or recess installations)
    Alignment hardware for wood and all-glass doors
    No visible fastening screws, neither inside or outside of the cabinet
    Optional soft-closing system fits discreetly on top of the cabinet body.

    Daniel Fountain / 11.01.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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