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    BOOK and EYE are just two of the many lights organic are launching in 2011, available through FW Lighting.BOOK light and EYE light are two concept designs that have made their way into production due to demand by Organic customers.

    Both BOOK and EYE light offer the architect and interior designer quirky, original design thinking with real applications.

    The flexibility and forming ease of CorianĀ® has allowed Organic designers to create BOOK light and express their creative ideas more fully. Creating designs such as BOOK light are now easily realised through the use of CorianĀ®, and more fluid forms can now be easily created using this high-tech, malleable material.

    EYE light uses the latest high power LEDs to create this stunning architectural light fixture.

    Typically unique and individual in design, EYE light is representative of many of lights in the Organics range.

    EYE is constructed using PMMA and Aluminium and incorporates 4, 1watt Power LEDs to create the stunning lens effect of the EYE.

    Organic are waiting to realise your design ideas, so please contact us to commission light fixtures for your projects!

    Organic lighting products are available in the UK through FW Lighting

    Daniel Fountain / 07.03.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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