Miniview: POD, Boutique Hotel in Camps Bay Cape Town

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    Camps Bay has golden sand and palm trees, a blue ocean and sun. The front is lined with busy cafés and I am told (by my mid-20’s nephews) quite a night life when I’m asleep. I’m a bit of an antique now, so driving along the front, as I do many days whilst I am in Cape Town, it seems to me to have the flavour of La Rambla in Barcelona or the Golden Mile in Blackpool but without the chips shops, ‘kiss me quick’ sombreros and candy floss. Whilst Cape Town’s V&A waterfront is the tourist centre, Camps Bay is the place for Cape Town’s cool set when they are not in Hout Bay.Standing back slightly from the main drag stands POD. It is terribly discreet, with no external signage to speak of except for miniscule lettering on the entrance to its underground secure car park. POD? The initials of the owner Paul O’Donnell, not the construction methodology. Designed by Greg Wright Architects it is an essay in stylish modernism.

    The location gives the hotel views across the Camps Bay beach to the ocean – almost two oceans as not far from here the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately this is the colder Atlantic, but with sunshine and high temperatures the hotel has pools to cool off in as well as the beach. Most of the 15 rooms have balconies, the larger rooms on the ground floor having private plunge pools as well as all having access to the bar and pool.

    Daniel Fountain / 22.04.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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