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    Focus SB, specialist manufacturer of wiring accessories, designs and manufactures multi-service plates for the hotel sector. The high-end multi-service plates integrates electrical devices, like the TV, room lighting, telephone ports, and acts as a gateway for guests to personalise their in-room entertainment.For example, if a laptop is plugged in, the TV turns into a viewing screen and the stereo becomes a personal sound system.

    As one of the few UK companies to make their own metal, timber and clear acrylic thermoplastic plates, Focus SB manufactures any quantity without the need for long lead times for many top hotel refurbishments. Where required, these high specification plates can be engraved or silk screen with lettering to identify the function of each individual switch or control on a multi-gang plate.

    For product information and sales enquiries please contact: Focus SB Ltd: +44 (0) 1424 858060 or email

    Daniel Fountain / 22.05.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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