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    With many hoteliers looking for ways to maximise the functionality of each and every room in their hotel, the onus is on manufacturers to offer innovative, yet stylish ways to help hoteliers make the most of what they have. However, comfort remains key, so whether one person is staying in the room, or a whole family, it is vital that everyone can sleep soundly. Here, Chris Ward, marketing director for Hypnos, explores how hotels don’t have to forego comfort for style.Creating the right atmosphere and ambience are all important factors in producing the best possible experience for your guests, but regardless of whether your visitor is on a business or a leisure break, a comfortable and relaxing bed is what they look forward to most at the end of their day. Add sumptuous crisp bed linen, and the relaxation and comfort experience is increased further still.

    Get your choice of bed wrong and it could result in some very unhappy customers, leaving negative reviews, so it’s crucial hoteliers select beds that will meet customer expectations.

    It is well documented that a good night’s sleep can leave you feeling refreshed, looking younger and increase productivity at work, so a good bed should always be a key consideration for any hotelier.

    With so many styles and comfort levels to choose from, it’s important that hotel owners establish what’s right for their customer. Firstly they should begin by analysing how the space is going to be used – will it be a single, twin, double or family room? Are you trying to make a bold, contemporary statement or create a more romantic look? Each room has its own considerations and you need to devise varying solutions to match.

    Take a family bedroom. Three beds in one room can make the space look cluttered and not always conducive to a relaxing environment, especially if you find that half of the week the rooms tends to be occupied by single business people, so why not consider a double bed accompanied with a sofa bed? Sofa beds are also a useful way to convert a double room into a family room, increasing occupancy and also revenue. They transform in an instant and provide attractive, practical seating – and if you make the right choice and they can also act as a stylish, focal point for the room.

    Hypnos’ range of sofa beds has been designed specifically for the requirements of the hotel market. With a variety of designs and deluxe finishes, hoteliers can coordinate the sofa bed with their interior design.

    Zip and link beds are also popular for double rooms as they provide the versatility to turn a standard double room into a twin room.

    Of course a bed must be more than just aesthetically pleasing – the right mattress is essential. Hypnos specialises in pocket sprung mattresses which are designed to actively minimise pressure points on the body, helping to increase blood circulation and alleviate tension. The independent movement of each individual pocket spring also means that the mattress will mould itself to your body, leading to a natural alignment of your spine.

    By analysing what a hotel room is going to be used for, Hoteliers can get the most out of their space and create a stylish, comfortable sleeping solution which can be adapted to each individual customer’s needs.

    Daniel Fountain / 30.05.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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