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    Make a date with Rendezvous, the first carbon neutral carpet range designed specifically for the hospitality sector and brought to you by Axminster Carpets’ Commercial Division. Featuring both traditional and contemporary styles, Rendezvous presents 12 exciting designs, each narrow woven on Axminster’s super eight pitch looms for unrivalled quality and clarity of design. All 12 options are available from stock, providing the ideal solution when timing is critical.

    Named after the most evocative meeting places in the world, Rendezvous is manufactured entirely in the UK using Axminster’s renowned British Home Spun 80% wool 20% nylon yarn. Through the low impact of this localised production and the offsetting of carbon emissions from manufacturing, sales and distribution processes, Rendezvous is certified carbon neutral by carbon management service provider, Carbon FootprintTM Ltd.

    What’s more, each of the 12 designs from Rendezvous can also be re-coloured using the 32 colours available as part of the new Ready to Weave concept, allowing specifiers and designers to find the perfect balance to interior schemes.

    Rated for Heavy Contract use, all carpets within the Rendezvous collection are available 0.91m wide, helping to accommodate the complex layouts of many hospitality and leisure venues with minimum wastage:

    “We have introduced Rendezvous to provide a stock range that meets the specific needs of hospitality venues such as restaurants and bars,” says Steve Upperton, Sales Director. “Few manufacturers offer such a dedicated solution to the very unique requirements of these locations and we believe that Rendezvous is one of the first narrow loom Axminster carpets for such venues to be considered carbon neutral.”

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    Daniel Fountain / 02.12.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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